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                                Save This
                                Green Space

            said a placard
            on the Level the day
            of the Public Service Strike

            as the city gathered
            an ambulance siren
            worked through the traffic while

            schoolboys practised their jumps
            on the park ramps




                            first you took my practice
                            and I didn’t say anything
                            because you called me a probationer

                            then you took my pay and conditions
                            but I didn’t say anything
                            because you managed my performance

                            then you took my performance
                            and I didn’t say anything
                            because ‘we’re all in the same boat’

                            then you took my pension
                            but I had nothing left with which to speak
                            so I withdrew my labour




                                                marching solidarity not
                                                about me not my words
                                                not my take not my vision
                                                just state-al placards
                                                horns chants shuffles past
                                                traffic lights red green red
                                                no dialogue no agenda-
                                                shifting no big picture
                                                no sound-bite no ‘let’s
                                                be clear’ no ‘all in this together’
                                                just no




                                                Brighton 30th June 2011





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