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                                          over the 42 years of my life
                                          I have developed such a chatter of
                                          spin offs, to be continueds,
                                          theme tunes, incidental musics,

                                          I am out and skimming
                                          for days, weeks, marathons
                                          until someone says, off camera,
                                          ‘you’re just acting’

                                          but I could walk
                                          when I walk, I could
                                          taste when I eat, I could
                                          listen when I open a drawer

                                          not in a zoomed-in way,
                                          not in a testing way
                                          not in a sorting-out way

                                          whatever primarily attentions me
                                          I aware it

                                          when I sit
                                          I should continue to
                                          sit while I am





reality wormhole: ‘I have shaken hands with a / politician …’