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                                the man
                                alone on the wide

                                two cyclists pass
                                on the
                                     silhouette path

                                scandal, the lights
                                on you can’t
                                you mouth but
                                your lips
                                don’t move

                                the two
                                over the empty
                                the single
                                clarinet note
                                down then
                                up to the same

                                seagulls flap
                                and wheel around
                                his head
                                her mouth

                                five times before
                                she says
                                “…do something
                                     for him”

                                     I’ve got you
                                     under my skin
                                     drawing careful

                                diagrams in the white

                                hair and

                                what was
                                once a ballerina
                                is now just

                                plugged into the

                                rubbing the make-up





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