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                      aagh pointlessness
                          lookattit everywhere
                         tidy faces with grey hues
                                          quick fold inside
                                    find something valuable
                                        create something valuable
                                              intrinsic complete maybe
                                                                  just maybe put it
                                                                            in the world no
                                                                 it keeps slipping off rolls
                                                       around gets lost there’s too much
                                                              operation on a mass level
                                                    it’s too low too wide too plain
                                                        too practical look out it
                                               it’s going to compromise
                                                          ughh value-bled
                                           all over my shoes and
                                 look there’s my intrinsic
                tainted now ‘been out in the air
              it’s become all low and bled
                                  and ignored





faces wormhole: train
Have & samsara wormhole: Have creates its magic spells / safe within the circle where / you can never lose and never win
managerialism wormhole: the cure / for block
speech wormhole: scandal