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I heard the rationalisations made by others when my parents separated
            the state- agree- and pro-claims that come-on-now put life
               together again
I have always distrusted the way others have seen things-are
            over folded arms leaning on brooms
                      leaning on rhetorical interrogatives
                      for agreement – the essential glue of life
so I developed my own view and picture

                                by default

in contradistinction to the broom
            the bartered agreed proclaimed understandings
                      think alternatively from the usual
                      build myself alternatively from the usual
                      pride myself alternatively from the usual

when I was young I didn’t present my take
            because I was young
when I was a teen I questioned usuality but ended up hurting people
            and then shut up because they wouldn’t like me
when I was older I kept quiet in order to be-the-bodhisattva So That
   Others Might Live
            (actually I colluded with others that I was head-in-the-clouds
               and mostly useless)

but the school kept sloganizing for better performance
            kept provoking me to think about teaching
                      I couldn’t help it they kept goading me ‘this
                                is the way things are’
I placed my thoughts carefully in the rocket ship
            and shot them into the sky tucked-up cohesive dotted and teed
            they would grow to have a fine blue chest

but still they came from an alternative world
            still they would always be alien to the norm
for them to be listened to would be to redefine how things are seen
                      and why would they do that?
                                and why would I hope that they would?





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