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                                                                all the while
                                                                on a wall opposite
                                                                Mum’s flat almost
                                                                12 years after
                                                                her death

a teen boy with a walking impairment climbs out of the aqua Corsa by
     the newsagent PAYZONE
a young Asian black Corsa rear hub missing stops to let the thumbs up
     arm up hand thanks man cross slowly with his stick
the 53 double decker patiently weaved around the Zafira parked too
     close to the crossing island oneway nodding up and down
the maroon Vectra beeeped one ‘e’ too long top lip folded up teeth and
     swerved but stayed behind the black Carlton moving steadily
a grey-haired probably 77 year old woman carefully turned her silver
     Peugeot left

in a dark coat bright scarf white trainers pausing after the road was
     crossed pausing by the gate had made it to the newsagents then
     started back but
I didn’t see where she went





… part of: mum
bus wormhole: ‘the happy Taoist practising …’
cars & roads wormhole: Hill / Street / Blues
grey wormhole: C / playing on the floor / with bits of / material
muse & passing wormhole: pink and blue
Plumstead wormhole: morning in / Shrewsbury Park / reading POW comics
red wormhole: ‘red ink air …’
silver wormhole: scandal
white wormhole: whey