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teachers used to be respected then
we were semi-autonomous professionals
whose domain was behind the classroom door then
we all became probationers
      probationers need checking
      checking requires measure
      measure can be changed
      and controlled                (with no control-referent)
teachers now never ‘graduate’ but remain
scrutinised their autonomy invaded and subject to
      a Feudal System of management structure
      a Castle of New Improved Education bought to you by… OFSTED
      a Domesday Book of Performance Management and CPD
      and a Harrying of ‘professionalism’

      rather now the sower who
sifts the seeds between thumb and palm
      some falling back to the bag
and flicks them
                 forward in step then
      shoulder-wide – an arc dense spine
      opening fan – placed
laid dug caught splecked
on open earth in ridges

phlp – lp – lap – phlapd

who smiles with the rain
and breathes the blue air
who turns with the wind
and waits with the sun





managerialism & performance management wormhole: purity
performance wormhole: by default
teaching wormhole: sometimes