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      First I became a teacher
      and affected the cone of
      like a guru and disciple
                  but they only saw residuals.

      Then I heard ‘record keeping’ and I
      found a way to put the relationship
      between teacher and pupil
      into numbers
                  but they only saw record-keeping.

      Then I gave into ‘objective-led lessons’
      and created networks of powerpoints
      of colourful Technisurroundvision
      like a Hollywood movie
                  but they just saw that the writing was not on the board.

      Now I hear ‘Assessment for Learning’
      and am getting close to integrating
      MTPs, level calculators, lesson plans and mark books
      like a road map to a degree
                  but they have i-phones of Performance Management on
                  and aren’t listening anymore

      I am truly sorry I had vision
      and the will to make it a quality –
      I should have kept quiet

      I should have kept quiet.





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