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          the two
          space-ships made love while
          thirsty giraffes peered by; the water

          the bough of the tree
          the silver
                     ‘s eyes
          the knot;

          African mountain
          the tree on the


          madly and quickly, then



          w      a       i       t    e  d

          for the stars
          in the mauve sky


          contemplating the ancestral tree
          the sheep skull
          side of the mountain

          from the hollow of its eye
          winked a helicopter
          as it c i  r   c    l     e
                       h              o
                  r           u
                            s k   *        !
                     to one side of
          the green
          silhouette leaf

          green sparks






dancing wormhole: living
eyes & sky & water wormhole: “…he paced about the bricks / with empty glasses…”
green wormhole: echoes
mauve wormhole: 1965
silver wormhole: all the while / on a wall opposite / Mum’s flat almost / 12 years after / her death
trees wormhole: hot summer morning