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                                     ‘how ‘do

               walking slight anxiety
               I should be doing more
               than this but then I
               am not walking I am
               anxious so I should be aware
               of being anxious

               well yes but not as the
               object of the exercise
               I should aware the walking –
                    steps smell moving colours
                    C abdomen –

               and then smile gently
               slightly –
                    someone’s somewhat cute child
                    anyone’s plain face
                    out of town in the hills
                    acknowledgement then pass
                    a lifetime’s relationship in four seconds –

               at my anxiety my riposte my defence
my wild swing out to gather a world’s-fate-in-the-balance-answer-one-
               echoes and creaky hinges but all

               actually just my anxiety of thinking
               I need to exert my being





a voluminous companion to the more succinct, but none the less widening, strangers published so long into the future as to be unforeseen …
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