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        sitting sideways onto
        the drop-leaf table
        locked between the legs

        writing an essay
        shaping a poem
        noting a book

        in the clean blue-green
        kitchen I found
        I can do this
        I can make this work:

        “did you know that discretely
          unrelated events can be
          meaningfully synchronised
          by unconscious desire?”

        my Nan finished off the parsnip
        and reached for the first brussel sprout
                without pause
        tip of her tongue not quite touching
                her upper lip
        the corners of her mouth hung
                a smile

        she’d heard





… part of: nan
blue wormhole: ‘the blue misty hills …’
Genesta Road wormhole: ‘the great wet side …’
green wormhole: ‘radar-blinking …’
kitchen wormhole: 1967
muse wormhole: ‘twelve years since Mum died …’
Nan wormhole: ‘I asked my Nan to write down her memoirs …’
posture wormhole: C
reading wormhole: time
smile wormhole: ‘how ‘do
speech wormhole: ‘“I don’t know,” he said …’