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                      I didn’t lose myself in:

Batman’s Cowl Indestructible Scarlet UNCLE Saint Rainbow Batman POW Fantastic Tintin’s Landings FAB Empty Streets Diana Rigg’s Face Hey Hey We’re The Hopkirk’s ‘Jeanie’ Lost in Space MTM’s Make It Magic Roundabout’s Mirrored Movements Infantino’s Green Sky the Legion’s Pastels Sprang’s Angles Star Trek’s Apricot Skies Thor’s Kirby Infantino’s Leaning Skylines Ditko’s Strange M*A*S*H’s Jeeps Tom & Jerry’s Gop & Sto l’Alissa du Porte Etroite the Waltons’ Attic Window the Docks of O’Neill’s Batman the Cardigan of Starsky the Silent Films of Ashby & Altman the Floorboards of Gerber the Next Guest of Parkinson Green-Spined Penguins Adams’ Cape Szymczyk’s Name Kaluta’s Office Window Catcher’s Snowy Streets WCW’s Red Wheelbarrow Pollack’s Still Dramas Gene’s Colan the Watts of Alan Glass Apartments Mayerick’s Holmes John Buscema Dharma Bums’ Mountain Mersey Poets’ Wet Streets Miller’s Rooftop Water-towers Roseanne’s Darlene Cheers’ Coloured Checks Monologues of Desire Ginsberg’s Nod

                      I never had myself
                      to lose in the first place

                      but I found a
                      sense of self
                      in them sheltering

                      from the pointlessness
                      the purposelessness
                      of life

                      which grew to be
                      mark redford

                      but I am neither
                      Mark Redford
                                              – oh … –
                      nor the pointlessness
                                  – phew! –

                      I am just
                      writing these words and you – completingly –
                      are reading them





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