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Looking for Lester, on album Black Tie White Noise (1993); David Bowie; … Lester Bowie – trumpet




                                              looking for Lester

                           down the street
                           as the morning wafts

                           off the cornices
                           past the open doors

                           quatrains of lives
                           the upstairs windows

                           still vermillion-grey
                           neighbourhoods shrugged

                           their music rolled
                           off the rooftops

                           the radios start
                           their desperate pattle

                           past the welcome
                           of door-slams start-ups

                           banking overhead
                           not noticed

                                              off somewhere
                           over the dormers

                           down past the park railings
                                     and pigeon calls


                           lost to the crust
                                     of the tarmac

                                     and the relief
                           of the wide
                                     my turn

                           as radios give weather reports
                           to a million dashboards

                           the uptown buildings
                           become grey and defined
                                     and sink
                                     with each step





bird wormhole: leaf
buildings & city & park wormhole: daybreak // midday
cars wormhole: bath
grey wormhole: the osteopath
morning & speech wormhole: a night of rum
music wormhole: “…he paced about the bricks with / empty glasses…”
sky wormhole: ‘the sky …’
streets wormhole: biography
vermillion wormhole: roof-top vigil
voices wormhole: vision
windows wormhole: the Bat-parent