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                                                   rising up

                      all that searching and looking that made a lifetime
                                the recoil from pointlessness
                                building meaning to compensate
                      to find myself even further from the point –
                                ‘been hardening me from seeing

                      that everything is just what it is at any moment
                                tossed to and ‘fro by circumstance
                                no justice is no principle
                                there certainly is no ideal and there is no point

                      this is not the enemy from which to recoil
                                this is the truth immanent and evanescent
                                all the time

                      continue teaching continue poems
                      not as the key to unlock pointlessness
                                to unlock my pointlessness

                      rather I should sit
                                even while I move around
                                even when distracted for minutes hours
                                a lifetime…


– is he sitting yet, or what?
– nah, ‘still talking about it …





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