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                                                                           satin poem

                I must sit in a good posture
                        keep the back straight
                                                   damn ‘been thinking about
                                                   what someone said
                                                   at school today
             don’t be so hard on yourself
                          this is where you are
                                                   ‘back aches ‘posture’s gone
                                                   straighten up
                       meditation’s like being
                                 in a rowing boat
              you have to sit in the middle
                                   and row evenly
                                                   breathing, back straight
             this could make a good poem
                                    about how you
                                                   from thought to feeling
                            to echo, replay and
                                                   I’m crap at meditating
                 but the work of meditating
                                   is watching the
                                                   and the more
                                                   you notice the
                                            the less it
                                                   es and unbalances you
                                                   and the less it is a
              but more a wavering around








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