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            and concentrate on breathing
            but concentrate on breathing
            as part of sitting

            in the room
            in the world
            the last piece
            of the jigsaw
            placed in the space
            that is perfect for it
            in the only space
            where it could fit
            and make sense of
            the whole picture

            the piece that knew
            its own bays and headlands
            its orientation its code
            its plane and texture
            its fine piece of colour
            its own weight

            but didn’t know where
            it fitted until it sat
            precisely where it is
            precisely where its
            bays and headlands
            orientation and codes
            planes and textures
            colour and weight

            disappeared into
            headlands and bays
            position and sequence into
            arrival and docking
            sight-seeing and greeting

            so don’t sit
            sloppy and languid sit

            as you are you







breathing & & posture & sitting wormholes: even though