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                                warp and weft

                19th century

        the gift of place
        the reassurance in hierarchy
        the leather briefcase of school
        the comic-books of universe
        the immanent lineages of Tibet
        the cognitive planes of teaching

                20th century

        the opening powerlessness
        of 2nd November 1967
        the nod of Ginsberg
        the swell of Salinger
        the mu of Zen
        the plink of poetry

                21st century






20th century wormhole: bargain
Allen Ginsberg wormhole: dream
comics wormhole: and
divorce wormhole: south horizon
emergence wormhole: ‘there’s a hole in our garden …’
reading & Salinger wormhole: biography
sitting wormhole: sit
teaching wormhole: dry rot
writing wormhole: even though