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                                                              kids these days

kids say “…seriously, I…” “…it really is…” “it was literally…” “it was like…” “I was like…” “…I’m not even joking”.   The references are often hyperbolic – or meant to convey hyperbole – because there is a great need to be heard (which normal formal language isn’t) hence the attention-grabbing distinction of the language.   But it is also a means of stating – exclaiming! – their identity (“I was like…wha’!!”).   And therein is the disempowerment of their own speech – self-declamatory statements become the currency, they become overused, hyperbole mounts up – “it really, literally, actually was…” – hyperbolic inflation sets in, runs out of control and leaves its citizens with no means to express themselves sincerely – bankruptcy, ‘whatever’!

Why such an over-consumed drive to declaratively state oneself?   Because in con-sciety (society based on the value and moral of consumerism) you are nothing (you are outside) if you are not defined by Have.   As soon as children become self-aware they are required to have – a priori – their self defined.   How to define one-self?   Panic, look around, how does it happen?   Self is defined by Have – you have things.   But adults do that with money, ‘can’t do that yet, but you can also Have statement.   Truth is declarative – not scientific not rational – I state therefore I am.   ‘It’s my opinion and I’ve got a right to it.   You can’t say I’m wrong’.   Young people have little linguistic reference or capital to declare so they universalise their local personal experience just as TV soaps are universal in their locality – their reference is exponential to the broadcast story, it is locally declarative but watched by, like, everyone.   What they see and learn in their own back living room they practise at school and measure how tall they are growing by the attention they get with their declarations (or wilful bankruptcy).   There are winners and losers: the winners ultimately (literally) appear on TV (the pub the party the gossip the paper) the losers listen and copy…





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