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not to be a Published Poet whose lines flip a thousand perceptions
not to be the Father who talks into the veins of his children
not to be the Husband who is supported by the adoring wife for
not to be the Teacher who was Right All Along
not to be the Son who sings the lives of long-dead parents
not to be parts of Allen Ginsberg David Bowie JD Salinger

ever so gradually – like mould – the realisation is coming
      that all I have to do in life is be at this notebook
      writing against the deep pink quilt cover
      by the open window and the pigeon calls





Allen Ginsberg & Salinger wormhole: warp and weft
birds & pink wormhole: St. Mary Magdalene’s / ground
Bowie wormhole: south horizon
speech & teaching wormhole: who
talking to myself wormhole: just
windows wormhole: any open window
writing wormhole: Have