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                                to appreciate
                      that the biography of reaching for
                                like a crane perched on the end
                                of an impossibly high arch
                                          of a crumbling viaduct
                      is a choke and misery of futility
                                which has failed to feel and breathe
                                the evanescence and vacuity
                                the shift and eddy
                                the warp and weft
                                the agenda and guile
                                the heroism and betrayal
                                the role and the rock
                                the pitch and the bounce
                                the echo and fog
                                the soon and never
                      of all that happens
                      even though I saw it was there
                                all along
                                          – why didn’t I listen? –

                                          let go
                      let – it – all – go
                                          I won’t have lost anything
                                ‘hadn’t found anything
                                ‘hadn’t made anything
                                ‘hadn’t become anything
                                          at all in all that endeavour
                                but disappointment


                                the shift and eddy
                                the warp and weft
                                the plan and relieve
                                the strive and submit
                                the rock and roll
                                the lead and turn
                                the hear and shift
                                the assent and acknowledge

                                be so thoroughly
                      tapestried crocheted webbed velcroed into
                                the futility of it all
                                          not detached

                      that the very adversity
                                becomes the still spot of the centre

                                home at last





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