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                           a mid-afternoon

                storm cloud
                is coming

                in my room
                a band of light across
                the back wall

                beyond the

                cleans the
                yellow paint

                and highlights
                the shelf of

                rearranged books

                on the street
                an ochre car


                a hand held
                out of the open window

                in the rain

                from the house
                opposite stands

                a woman drinking
                a hot mug of tea

                watching her brother

                his bike





afternoon wormhole: still
books wormhole: hinted
cars wormhole: dream
clouds wormhole: ‘the sky …’
Hillside wormhole: a night of rum
rain wormhole: ‘typewriting by the …’
storm wormhole: ‘the sky …’
streets & windows wormhole: Thomas Street