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                before the room maps
                of the British Museum

                      “and let thy feet milleniums hence
                be set in midst of knowledge”

                while people stand too close to see
                and photograph the maps
                      zoom-in out
                      adjust-focus       ‘qsh-nApp’
                to find their way

                a piece of fluff from someone’s coat
                shifts and rolls on the marble floor
                from time to time
                when nothing can be felt

                the Greeks explored the one behind
                      the many
                the Enlightenment collected and categorised the many
                      to make them one

                           rationality v. participation
                      classification v. belonging
                             evidence v. experience

                              science & religion

                the question always is:
                      how to go beyond what you know
                      in the face of what you don’t know?

                answer: you are the same statue
                      out of the stone from which you were carved

                ancient cultures – figures in everything
                modern culture – figures in cases

                neither better
                nor worse





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