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eleven years ago my scruffy-trousered pal who became my Mum one lifetime slipped out of this life of strange disappointment and occasional beauty:

flat shoes and bayed terraces by the common
grey skies and fresh shifts of wind over the common
sudden wide smile – incisors – by the Military Academy on the common

disinfectant footsteps through the tunnel under the Thames
cottage window looking back out along the Victorian rear extension
roof slopes at right angles and chimney pots 51 buses and steep hills

the kicked-in front door and the white shag carpet
the net curtains and the view of the River below blue skies
the last breath and the 16 year old face





… part of: mum
blue sky wormhole: 1963
breathing wormhole: distraction
bus wormhole: dream
curtains wormhole: curtains open / in the evening
death wormhole: Dedication
grey wormhole: we play a game
Mum & muse wormhole: true to life
sky wormhole: tabla
smile wormhole: the silent night / of the Batman
Thames wormhole: south horizon
white wormhole: text
wind wormhole: 20th century
Woolwich wormhole: Thomas Street