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   If I were to die now –
   someone else could collate my various writings into a whole
   I would have seen these rain drops cascade occasionally down the
   I would have driven enough miles to take my kids to work
   I would have taught enough lessons to have touched someone softly
   I would have made LOVE to C enough to find her again
   I would have played with my children enough to give them space
   I would have folded clothes enough to reach the Old Man of
   I would have cooked enough meals to feed a small town
   I would have created enough powerpoints to see a point
   I would have washed enough dishes to eat safely
   I would have played enough games to smile
   I would have listened to enough children to breathe
   I would have read enough comics to wonder
   I would have written enough poems to notice
   I would have washed enough clothes to walk
   I would have seen enough films to pause
   I would have recycled enough to live a day
   I would have welled tears enough to love
   I would have exercised enough to hug
   I would have listened enough to talk
   I would have rubbed the back enough to sleep
   I would have flavoured enough to move a town
   I would have read enough to sympathise
   I would have cleaned enough to see
   I would have driven enough to rest
   I would have smiled enough to understand
   I would have written enough to create
   I would have walked enough to breathe
   I would have exercised enough to pull a lever
   I would have done enough to have a family
   I would have recited enough to cry
   I would have read enough to have possibilities
   I would have meditated enough to start
   I would have drank enough to open…

   but, oh, I’m still alive, I’m still alive





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rain wormhole: text
teaching wormhole: aghh – we’ve been infected / it’s spreading through the system / we’re losing our files … / it’s taken out the processor … / I, I can’t open with this program anymore … / it’s scanning me – / I’ve got to buy a Virus Protection Program from it …
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