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my work in teaching failed to activate
            I couldn’t manoeuvre within the politic – too naïve
            I couldn’t exercise my skill my thought in a public service
                      that was politically compromised
                      the dialectic between worker and management
            is just not there to be had it is not even have-able
even if you are a skilled tactician

rather there needs now to be a new stance for workers to service
                                                              in the sector
            that of calculated militant strategic
the only way to beguile the shape-shifting agenda-control
                                                              of managerialism
            is simple courageous guileless
                      the practice of clear forward altruistic service
                                in the field of practise
                      and never to compromise with political expediency
                                whatever guise it takes





management wormhole: dry rot
managerialism wormhole: aghh – we’ve been infected / it’s spreading through the system / we’re losing our files … / it’s taken out the processor … / I, I can’t open with this program anymore … / it’s scanning me – / I’ve got to buy a Virus Protection Program from it …
politics wormhole: bargain
teaching wormhole: I