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                                                        stripping six layers of paint
                                                                  stripping layers of paint off the drawers
                                                                  working through the paint
                                                                            on the drawers
                                            going back through time
                                                      history of decoration
                                            family furniture
                                  of the chest of drawers
                                my Nan’s wedding furniture
                                through time
                                          finding the grain
                                used to be petrified under a glass top
                                back through time there
                                            haven’t seen that pattern
                      for forty years
            I find my Nan in the grain






                                                                carefully working
                                            back through the paint on the drawers
                                                      where I find my Nan





… part of: nan
beige wormhole: text
black & white wormholes: ‘in black and white and dark purple …’
blue wormhole: bleach down the toilet
Genesta Road wormhole: quietly
glass wormhole: glass
history wormhole: Have
muse wormhole: grey air
Nan wormhole: dream
orange wormhole: 1976
red wormhole: text
time wormhole: time