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                     eyes are blue
                     often they are drums
                     and they sweat like hair
                     with cannonballs

                     one mirror
                     one guitar strumming
                     green hand-waves
                     one world on a fingernail
                     cracked and orange

                     the last time a tree played the sand
                     was when my foot accidently cried
                     into three pieces of icing and snow

                     the fall was gentle and mauve
                     the pattern was wooden static and beating





blue wormhole: ‘the blue wall …’
eyes wormhole: marketsquarefight
green & guitar wormhole: ‘the run of …’
mauve wormhole: ‘across the street …’
orange wormhole: grain
snow wormhole: biography
trees wormhole: grasses
white wormhole: condensation
wood wormhole: green wine