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grey saw
                the choking emotion of bullfrogs

cold blue streetlamp sliding
through the mauve sky
the green kite tangled

                yellow empty windows
the quiet bird soared
                over huge green skyscraper housing a fourteen-storey eye
while slow motion taxi cabs sliced
over the flexed forearm clenched teeth
signal for attention
tinkling car lights wrapped
oily tentacles around my stone shoelaces

sandy grass dunes
love under the sky
reach out and grab the antenna





bird & sky wormhole: experience of the huge
black wormhole: grain
buildings wormhole: ‘the open-air …’
cars & mauve & windows wormhole: foreign affairs
eyes wormhole: Chenrezig
green & orange wormhole: one mirror
grey wormhole: ‘light blue …’
lamp-post wormhole: 1976
yellow wormhole: ‘our blue soft eyeballs kissed …’