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                                              comicbook morning

                           the open curtain the
                           blue sky smeared with
                           red-like brick dust

                           it’s going to be hot
                           like lemon

                           sun on the window frames
                           of the house opposite

                           the solitary bird perched
                           on the roof


                           the open window the
                           pneumatic drill
                           has started the
                           business down
                           in the estate and

                           lopping from side to side
                           the newspaper boy pushing
                           the lime-bag trolley
                           followed later
                           up the gentle hill
                           by the black-shorted jogger

                           the open door another
                           sound on the radio
                           sounds sunny anyway then


                           breakfast bowls!





black wormhole: N. …
bird & morning wormholes: chirp / through the window
blue sky wormhole: ‘light blue …’
buildings wormhole: “WHOOOOOOOOOP!!!”
curtains & lemon wormhole: condensation
Genesta Road wormhole: ‘the open window …’:
hills & music & radio & windows wormhole: Indian music / on the radio
Hillside wormhole: ironing in the sun
house wormhole: loud music
lime wormhole: junk
red wormhole: ‘red ink in the air …’
roof wormhole: quietly
sky wormhole: ‘gnashing …’
sun wormhole: table