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        everything uneasy
        in modern society
        was manufactured behind the
        half-closed blinds of America –
        the home of the Potential
                and the Beast – and yet

        it is so beautiful the space
        sculpted by the facades
                of apartment blocks
        huge arm-width apart
        whole communities
        of single windows
        some decorated some balcony’d
        some stepped back up on top
                avenues of uprise
        reaching higher or lower
        again and again
                and again

        America has intense history
        since it braved the decision
                to make its land free
        You cleansed by ethnically
        You pledged by conforming
        Someone had to make a stand
                against equivocation
        and by God Almighty
                We made it
        We made a continental infrastructure
                of it
        far bigger far more reaching even
                than law and democracy

        but there is such width in your sadness –
                lilac blossom in front of marble facades
        there is such height in your sadness –
                giddy out on your balcony giddy
                looking eight floors more above you
        there is such blank in your sadness –
                when you skip my English joke
                and call ‘you’re welcome’ from the till
        there is such sadness when you ask for change
                outside Starbucks

                even the trees I look at
        through the hotel window

                even the doormen in fine brown suits
        smiling for tips

                even the wide sidewalk cleaned
        for strolling and not curbing

        all Had





blossom wormhole: ‘white blossom …’
brown wormhole: RENAISSANCE
buildings wormhole: blue walnut
Have & Manhattan wormhole: everything
hotel & trees & windows wormhole: room 506 / Central Park
lilac wormhole: 1968
society wormhole: kids these days