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                      travelled a long time
                      tired arrived in New York
                      still the same person
                      roads scraped and pockmarked
                      no change since I wanted
                      to come here as a teen
                      trees still reach and lean
                      in front of the sky
                      city people still live city life
                      living money breathing money
                      the power of money

                      lights go on in the evening and
                      in between traffic shoals
                      the sparrows bicker in the trees





… part of: Manhattan 2012
birds wormhole: light blue and grey
evening wormhole: ‘the breezy …’
Have wormhole: Comfort / Hotel
roads wormhole: ‘before the wide …’
sky wormhole: Heathrow / Airport
sound wormhole: experience of the huge
sparrows wormhole: ‘at the end of the day …’
travelling wormhole: ‘staring through the glass …’
trees wormhole: stormy sky