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edge of Central Park   constant joggers   dividing poles in the road   medical response cruising flashing lights no siren   turquoise bicycle frame   tourist bus one standing up   tall boy skinny stopped constant sun-smile not sure if he should be   tulips under John Purroy Mitchell   “attention” (French) child trying to pick up whole branch to carry   silver trainers lace loops Mickey Mouse ears   couple leg-swinging holding onto traffic lights slight jiggle always green





green wormhole: RENAISSANCE
Manhattan wormhole: blue walnut
park wormhole: room 506 / Central Park
red wormhole: ‘first thing / in the morning …’
roads wormhole: ‘travelled a long time …’
silver wormhole: ‘radar-blinking …’
sun wormhole: Heathrow / Airport
tulip wormhole: “WHOOOOOOOOOP!!!”
yellow wormhole: ‘before the wide …’