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                                Manhattan 2012

                      women’s magazines
            waiting in the hairdresser’s
                      young tree avenues
                      blossoming handbags fashion
                      little dogs long leash
                                promise of love
                      promise of life
                                mans jaw board room
                                cologne cinches the deal
                                slight smile signs the paper
                      chinos and open collar
                                on the terrace

            calendar-not-needed from work
                                buildings of Manhattan
            decorate your room
                      make your world
                      stepped terraces down walls
                      of windows up
                      which beyond myself
                                frightened beautiful
                                adult cannot look
            but keep high on wall

            going out evening Daddy
                      ‘have to’ ‘part of my work’
                                ‘can’t be helped’
            white shirt black bow tie
                      never seen before hired
            clean cut neck cologne
                      ‘good for meeting people’
                                ‘making contacts’
                                                ‘if I can just’
            new car white Mini white Anglia
            parked on hill
                      matchbox models to match
                                for the boys
                                going into business
                                                ‘make a go’
            Dennis and Dennis home evening drinks
                      meet the family
                                boys play Dennis G and Dennis P
                                for years after

            ‘…Daddy is leaving
                      he will not be coming back’
                      it had all seemed beautiful
                      but now I dream of falling off the ledge
                                shall I go up or down?





black wormhole: twilight
blossom & trees wormhole: avenues of uprise
buildings & life wormhole: oh
cars wormhole: ‘the mist high in the sky …’
Dad wormhole: true to life
divorce wormhole: ‘small Tina at the table …’
Manhattan wormhole: eldorado
roads wormhole: weekend
speech wormhole: Charlotte
white wormhole: what …
windows wormhole: eldorado