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                  about to sit
          to the most important thing I do each day
                  where I do nothing
                  and I don’t do it very well
                  the practice
          of doing it nevertheless because
                  it achieves nothing
                  and I do it so poorly
                  again and again
          is the most point the only point
                  I shall achieve today

                  so slow
                  so slowly
                  so un-wearingly
                  so un-eroded
                  so unnoticeably
                  find myself
          so detailed amid the hurts and drives
                  of Mark Redford
          amid the hurts and drives of the world

                  I am lost in the world
                  but then I find myself
          still lost in the world while sitting
          and if I have found myself lost in sitting
                  I can wear myself
                  in the world unnoticed

          there is nothing to gain and nothing to loose
                  which is good
                  because I am so clumsy when acting
                  and so angry when lost
                  that I could not gain anything anyway
                  and I could relax





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