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                 ‘hmm …’



                                                     ‘what …?’


                 … how life changes
                 so much every time
                 every place it is
                 almost not there
                 it is chaos’

                                                     worried hand
                                                     in hair scratching

                 ‘it is only our
                  vain assertions
                 “let there be …”
                  that gives a slight
                  that there is any
                  time or any place
                 “and saw that it was Had”’

                            far down behind the gardens
                            through the shrubs and hedges
                            onto the upreach top of a tallest conifer
                            a crow landlurched
                            regained and surveyed
                            all it could see

                                                     ‘is that rain?’

                            on the conservatory roof

                                                      the washing …’





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