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                                   the middle of the shelf
                                   two brown bottles

                                   of whiskey then a
                                   green gin
                                   a clear rum and
                                   deep blue


                                   before the red
                                   venetian blind

                                   in the
                                   grocery store

                                   the grey sky
                                   and the cars
                                   in the forecourt

                                   at length
                                   a passing
                                   orange car and

                                   over the road

                                   an almost

                                   just one

                                   in the breeze





blue wormhole: oh
breeze wormhole: ‘first thing / in the morning …’
brown wormhole: avenues of uprise
cars wormhole: evening
Crowborough wormhole: after a lot / of rain
green wormhole: Jonathon
grey wormhole: room 506 / Central Park
leaves wormhole: twilight
orange wormhole: autumn
red wormhole: Jonathon
sky wormhole: this time
trees wormhole: ”hmm …’ …’
venetian blinds wormhole: texture