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                                … Saturday arrived

                                descend the hill
                      past the bay window façades
                      behind trees and lamp posts
                      rooms fitted jenga-like inside
                      shapes in and out of a block


                      cold kept off
                      by jumper scarf and sun

                      the tall wall of Woolwich Arsenal
                      the bookshop Penguins
                      the luck of market stalls
                      the single heartbeat of Bonus Books
                      past the girlie books to the comics

                stacked               chequered              dated
                bottle                  skies                      brick-logo
                headline              questions               erotic
                figures                 in passion             stances
                cowl-logo            billboard               letters

                      finding yet-earlier numbers
                                like a tertön





a street corner of … Woolwich
bookshop wormhole: ‘the fresh air of holidays …’
comics wormhole: Let’s Go
emergence wormhole: 1973
grey & sky wormhole: window open
hills wormhole: green hills
lamp-post wormhole: green
mist wormhole: one day / in 1956
Saturday & Woolwich wormhole: late morning / Saturday
sun wormhole: one day / in 1956
trees & windows wormhole: ‘finished reading …’