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                                     wanting to be loved

                           when I was young
                           I would be a superhero who secretly
                           jumped across buildings
                           achieving – at a touch –
                           dawn for a whole city

                           as I grew younger I would
                           write the poems which would
                           still a lifetime at a single glance
                           I would be the husband that remained
                           wider than the ground the father
                           that was constant beyond notice
                           and the teacher who would teach
                           10 000 lessons to learn

                           that he was lost
                           and almost foetal

                                     and it is here
                                     that I must stay
                                     and be

                                     and it is here
                                     that I must stay
                                     and love





acceptance wormhole: the slug
buildings wormhole: lifetime
childhood wormhole: 1964 – open window
city wormhole: park
dawn wormhole: dawn
father wormhole: time
superhero wormhole: wrong
talking to myself wormhole: walk / in the fog
teaching wormhole: listen willya
writing wormhole: 19 words / 7 paragraphs / 9 lines