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                I went on strike today.
        For the first time in almost twenty-one years of teaching I went on strike.
        I withdrew my work –
        I didn’t go in and collect nuggets to show
        I didn’t strategise how I would show them
        I didn’t find in myself the way to ‘say’ the nuggets
        I didn’t ‘OK’ and then give them again
        I didn’t quickly paint a picture and ‘arm-wave’ it to the class
        I didn’t chip away at my comfort and maintain my professionalism
        I didn’t jump aside and think a second to give the focus
        I didn’t sit to one side and give yet another bridge
        I didn’t hold my breath a little and give another tool –
                ‘hope they’ll be careful with it –
        I didn’t make eye contact by marking work
        I didn’t share a vision by building yet another step-up
        I didn’t clap or smile or care when I recognised or reported
        I didn’t remember to do the tracking
        I closed the gate to a world when I didn’t plan
        I didn’t practise patience when they failed my aspiration
        I let the gate open when I didn’t tutor.

        I didn’t do ALL of this
        because the government
        shuffled around in its pocket looking for the
        small change while I –
                even though I know my place –
        shake the tin one more time and
                yes I would rather spend it
                in Starbuck’s AND have a slice of cake with it
                as well …

        and for one of the
        first times in twenty one years
        I felt that what I do in teaching IS still noble.





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