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            foreground: a three-wicked
            candle shimmering
            through its walls before

            the creosoted fence
            past the wing of the
            willow tree hanging
            across the street
            a break in the clouds
            somewhere lights the windows
            of the upstairs bedrooms
            while a car reverse-parks
            in front and

            a squirrel stops
            on the creosote fence
            one paw up at his chest waiting
            for the sun to shine





bedroom wormhole: ‘finished reading …’
brown wormhole: 1972
cars wormhole: ‘after …’
clouds wormhole: the moon
combe end wormhole: ‘at night …’
kitchen & willow wormhole: then
red wormhole: retirement
squirrel wormhole: when things fall apart
streets wormhole: ‘left now …’
sun wormhole: ‘a spark …’
windows wormhole: ‘turning right …’