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                                                                                 I think I am zero
                                                   when I do nothing
                                              so I do things
                                              like a Superhero
                                                   like an Alchemist
                                                              like a Rishi but
                                              I am ever-only and
                                                   ever-going-to-be an
                                              Occasional Good Idea
                                                   a Jumpy Quest after the Sublime

                      cast it all adrift and
                      let it sink

                      this Mark Redford
                      that I do is such a

            I am significant
            wise and right


            I am zero

            I am Fine
            As I Am






being & doing wormhole: back to the / outbreath
identity & life wormhole: breath
living wormhole: as I breathe
superhero wormhole: wanting to be loved
talking to myself wormhole: facing up