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                                   then in turns
                                   he sent evens
                                   of lights hill-ward
                                   while in the
                                   backyard swayed
                                   leavened con
                                   siderations between
                                   the sky and
                                   saucers under
                                   motorway street
                                   lamps foetal and
                                   resumed amid
                                   grass stalks only
                                   soon evening
                                   came in echoes
                                   edged on the
                                   box slow and
                                   piano-labelled when
                                   only labels slept
                                   encroached by
                                   slight awnings
                                   loaned onto the
                                   other shoulder
                                   and lonely white
                                   sky crossed and
                                   quietly antenna-
                                   receiving heart-





evening wormhole: ‘the burgundy velvet evening …’
grass wormhole: 2nd April 2010:
hills wormhole: ‘at night …’
motorway wormhole: dawn
piano wormhole: 1973
sky wormhole: Seaford / 280310
streetlight wormhole: ‘turning into …’
white wormhole: 1967