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                                              tuning fork

                                sitting in the dark room
                                enjoying the street
                                under the street light
                                the car opposite
                                reverse-parked on the
                                steep drive
                                the family on holiday
                                for a week now
                                a security light
                                pixels through the
                                voile curtains
                                              off again because
                nobody is there

                                exactly thirty five
                                years ago I sat
                                on the living room
                                floor and watched
                                the moonlight work
                                its way across the
                                shag carpet for the

                                first time


                                in the dark





carpet wormhole: flat blue / carpet
cars wormhole: Seaford / 280310
combe end & net curtains & time & writing wormhole: ‘after an hour …’
Genesta Road wormhole: 1976
moon wormhole: ‘turning right …’
night wormhole: midnight
sitting room wormhole: sit
streets wormhole: 1975
streetlight wormhole: classic
windows wormhole: the open window