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                                              there is no

                                it seems
                a good idea is not good
                unless it can be made to happen
                unless it is managed to happen
                                in the system

                                by default
                good ideas can only be had
                by managers not workers
                workers are only good for
                     only measured by
                     only defined by
                     how effectively
                they carry out management ideas

                a worker with a good idea is
                                a paradox
                                not on message
                                a pain
                                a liability

                I had several good ideas
                I turned them into practice
                I offered them to the school
                     ‘don’t keep them to yourself’
                     ‘don’t hide your light …’
                     ‘open up your laptop …’
                for the greater good
                the school wouldn’t consider them
                                too busy managing
                because I was not a manager and
                I wouldn’t become a manager in a system
                                which couldn’t listen
                                to a good idea

                so I work the remainder of my career
                                practising good ideas but
                                measured a dud by
                                professional development




… in commemoration and with great excitement about becoming an Academy at the beginning of this term.   What freedom this opportunity will allow for us all to think along the same lines! Five months on, now, and guess what we all think … actually I don’t know what we all think, you’ll have to ask a manager, which will only be useful if you are fluent in unattributable rhetoric.


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