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                           something was happening

                      and all of a sudden I was making a visit
                           to a house on Eglinton Hill
                      opposite the waste ground on the corner
                           with Cantwell Road
                      delivering Christmas presents
                           to Gillian S

                      she took her presents
                           started opening them
                      I asked if she remembered who I was
                           she didn’t know
                      and while wondering about it
                           she invited me in

                      she had lived a lifetime
                           since primary school
                      face hard-lived middle-aged
                           slightly overweight
                      but I still found her attractive
                           a look in her face
                           that was still young
                      she was doing the duty living life
                           she had two girls
                      she was living with her Mum who
                           looked like her
                           but a generation older
                      the house had its own front
                           but was knocked through inside
                           like the houses in the Beatles film

                      I told her who I was …
                           … and gradually woke up
                      I had wanted to suggest that we go
                           and look up Rajesh S
                           and Gary A up on Plum Lane
                           bring the group together again
                      to complete our lives





Eglinton Hill wormhole: the start of / adolescence
dream wormhole: dream 290697
lifetimes wormhole: teen gaze