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                                              JJ Cale
                                   in a coffee shop?

the wide windows
lights coming on early evening piled snow car park indicating turning white
       snow on the hills
a girl leans back on a table looking the other way looking at her phone her
       leggings show the landscape of thighs hips belly while her friend buys
       a coffee a young mother walks the length of the counter restless child carried
       low on her body looking for toilets

this all ought to be beautiful but I need to sit –
because when sitting I should just sit not look for calm-solution
when looking for calm-solution I am not yet sitting
when I see myself looking for calm-solution then I have started sitting
when I look for myself looking for calm-solution I have stopped sitting again

when writing I should just write and not anticipate what and bons mots
when I pre-structure my writing I am not writing I usually sit and stare and
       don’t write much
but neither is writing an automatic flow of words or images at its best it finds
       its own form
I find its form in its writing in writing it it emerges through-amid as the
       crowd of thoughts that are my life but
before the writing is ready I am still alone in the crowd defensive and aggressive
       and not seeing
the beauty in front of me





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