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                Putting Out

        is taking a stand
        making a statement
        de-fining a perspective
        naming something
        staking your claim
        putting in
        your stick with a flag tied to it saying ‘this is mine…’
                ‘- mine?’ ‘ no, mine’
                ‘…can’t say ‘mine’’ ‘… ‘not yours’
                      … and yet

        if I don’t put out I will have nothing
        and someone else
        will take it anyway

        if I don’t put out
        for me this is don’t BE
        putting-out is a little flag ‘notice me’
        tastefully planted unobtrusive
        thought-flags writing-flags creation-flags
        poems with no form
        parenting in a wide field
        married with thorough absorbance
        practising with no teacher
        teaching with no objective
        my worth my significance

        but the best way to attack me
        is to ignore me and only the landscape is admired

        I should sit
        and watch this whole life
        of drama and tragedy
        of Putting Out for what it is
        let it run its course and fade
        like the credits at the end of a film

        over a wide still beach





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