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                      “…be the teacher you want to be”
                      be the person that I am rather than walking
                      tighter and tighter into the corner
                                turn open and


                      pay attention to the centre of
                      where I do rather than
                      lost in the peripheries
                      include my classes
                      and my tiredness
                      be aware but also



                      I have lost the ability to play
                      at all at work in life
                                spin out of cornerofrooming
                      reach out a poem from
                      the way it is Said and the way it is Had
                      see the joy the tension the flow the block
                      step outside step aside
                      but don’t let go
                      of the hand lean and pull just a little
                      then go with the
                      new momentum

                      this is where my value is potted not
                      writing a manifesto
                      not being my own biographer
                      not planning my own lesson
                      not waving it on a huge flag on a very high stick
                      not covertly leading the tribes to the Land
                                and …





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