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                                Bonus Books

                     at the end of the walk downhill
                     past walls and roofs and cooking smells
                     and waste land smells and spring day smells
                     and stacks of mags
                     and books and comics smell with
                     quietly deepening dates and numbers
                     and green sky covers with
                     costumed moral question stances

                     all to take back uphill
                     to the tree which reaches to the river
                     to survey the life of the whole city
                     under the future of the moon





books wormhole: quoshed
city wormhole: ‘awareness is like a huge arc light CRACK! …’
comics wormhole: coffee shop / inculcation
emergence wormhole: 1969
green & smell wormhole: 2nd April 2010:
hills & Plumstead wormhole: coldstreet
moon wormhole: 1976
rooftops wormhole: ‘red edged with / mauve …’
sky wormhole: ‘from the basement room …’
Spring wormhole: 140 m.p.h.
Thames wormhole: crows on the / chimneys / of 40/38
trees wormhole: Plumstead Common / Road
walls wormhole: walking
Woolwich wormhole: he Had