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                                                      coffee shop

                                I have been looking for my life
                                in comic shops and bookshops
                                for all my life

                                I have found skylines and streets
                                peoples’ lives and landscapes …

                                          look to stop lifing
                                          and start timing

                                not to go out-hunting
                                and search-gathering
                                for the angle that is different for
                                believing in the relief of find
                                and relaxing with the heroes
                                assembled on the bookshelf but rather

                                          to just
                                          them all

                                these people all around
                                to smell their view
                                to see their journey
                                to hear their haves
                                to pulse their step
                                to catch an eye
                                to embrace wider
                                and wider to sit
                                even with the boredom
                                especially with the boredom
                                the pointlessness
                                the disappointment
                                the betrayal and then

                                there is no time to hunt
                                and no need to gather





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